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TONGDA windows and doors have been focusing on China’s window and door industry for more than 10 years. Our main projects are aluminum windows, aluminum doors, aluminum garden gates, uPVC windows, uPVC doors, curtain walls, sunrooms, etc.

Folding Doors

If you are planning to renovate, rebuild or are building a new building and are considering a folding door option, you can find an excellent aluminum folding door at TONGDA. This door has two typical opening methods: bi-fold door and tri-fold door, our folding door has the following three series. Best of all we made a lot of improvements without increasing the cost!

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors in commercial and commercial applications are an option to save space and overall door performance. Sliding doors have a very high value.
There are two variants of the sliding door system: one is a model suitable for lighter and fewer applications; and one is suitable for large, high-traffic, and heavy projects that can use the entire wall, and can also be used as an entrance or window.

Casement Doors

Casement doors in residential or commercial applications are an option to save space and overall door performance. Casement doors have a very high value. The aluminum casement door system takes into account energy efficiency, magnificent size, easy operation, and safety. The casement door adopts an energy-saving aluminum frame design, external aluminum cladding, and provides double or triple glazing options. By sealing and locking action, it brings impressive energy savings.

Swing Windows

Push the swing windows in or out to easily open the function for natural light and fresh air.

Sliding Windows

The “Horizontal Slider” window opens, and the window sash slides to the left or right. Some people find that sliding glass windows are easier to open and close than crank windows. Since they can slide open without protruding, horizontal sliding windows are a great choice for rooms facing sidewalks, porches, or terraces. Smooth windows are the favorite of modern-style houses, and they are also popular for meeting bedroom exit requirements. In a single slider, a sash slides to open. In the double slider, both window sashes are open, which is very useful for providing air circulation to the room.


Aluminum alloy sunrooms are a popular addition to homes and commercial properties. These sunrooms are made from high-quality aluminum alloy frames that are strong, durable, and resistant to rust and corrosion. They are designed to provide a comfortable and inviting space that allows natural light to flow in, providing a bright and airy feel to any room.

Aluminum alloy sunrooms come in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes, making them a versatile addition to any property. They can be designed to match the existing architecture of a home or commercial building, creating a seamless and cohesive look.

garden gates

The aluminum courtyard door is the courtyard gate, usually, as an outdoor door, the courtyard door uses high-quality aluminum alloy welded with precision, the overall design of the door is more beautiful than the average outdoor door atmosphere, making the courtyard more perfect, giving the people A feeling of pastoral home, while increasing the head of the security precautions, ideal for villas, gardens, manor, Clubhouse.

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