PVC small sliding window impact uPVC windows

Product Name:  PVC sliding windows

Door Material: PVC

Screen Netting Material: Stainless Steel

Glass Standard: Double pane tempered clear glass

Open Style: Sliding

Warranty: More than 5 years

Customization time: 7-30 days

MOQ:  1 M²

Shipping: support door to door

We can customize the window and door according to your idea. Before producing the products, we provide free window and door drawings. If you need more information, please contact our sales.


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TONGDA modern PVC sliding windows impact uPVC windows

The “Horizontal Slider” window opens, and the window sash slides to the left or right. Some people find that sliding glass windows are easier to open and close than crank windows. Since they can slide open without protruding, horizontal sliding windows are a great choice for rooms facing sidewalks, porches, or terraces. Smooth windows are the favorite of modern-style houses, and they are also popular for meeting bedroom exit requirements. In a single slider, a sash slides to open. In the double slider, both window sashes are open, which is very useful for providing air circulation to the room. We can provide a variety of styles, designs, and performances for you to choose from. For more windows and doors details, Please contact us.

TONGDA modern PVC small sliding windows impact uPVC windows

Why choose PVC sliding windows?

After decades of technological improvement, plastic sliding windows finally realize the combination of performance and appearance, and smoothly enter people’s lives.

The plastic sliding window can provide occupants with complete control of airflow and microclimate, thereby improving our health, a plastic sliding window is light and flexible to use shock-resistant, and there is no impact sound when switching. The sliding PVC window’s shape and size are stable, not loose or deformed. Also, sliding PVC windows are very popular in our life.
So TONGDA provides a simple aesthetic with a modern, durable and safe appearance.

The new sliding PVC windows design breaks the traditional sliding window design. There is basically no need for maintenance, no additional supplies, and a low cost of use. The design of the plastic sliding window is simple and elegant. The advantages of not occupying indoor space, are the price is economical and its sealing performance is very superior.

PVC sliding windows Features

1. The wall thickness of the main profile meets the requirements of the national standard GB/T8814-2004 for profiles and the standard GB/T28887-2012 for plastic windows for construction;
2. Standard notch design, which improves the performance of the whole window, realizes flexible opening, convenient use, and security anti-theft function;
3. The large section design of the profile, the internal fan material adopts the integrated design, and the principle of equal pressure and decompression between the outer frame and the inner fan improves the airtightness of the door and window and the torque resistance of the profile itself, the drop hammer impact, etc. Ensure that doors and windows are not easy to crack in cold regions;
4. Reasonable drainage channel design to effectively prevent rainwater from penetrating;
5. The four corners of the sash are made of stainless steel corner reinforcement, and the 45-degree angle is more precise;
6. The frame is a double-track structure, and the frame and fan have a unique drainage groove design;
PVC sliding windows Features

Types: PVC sliding windows
A: PVC sliding window with screen.
B: Two-track PVC sliding window.
C: PVC curved fixed sliding and doors coloraluminum door glass can be customizedcasement-window-glass



In addition to exquisite appearance, basic performance is very important in TONGDA’s window and door products. TONGDA products adopt the original six system designs, ensuring your high-quality experience.Why choose our casement window

Production Process


Aluminum alloy doors and windows production flowTONGDA-WINDWOS-AND-DOOR


Aluminum project case

aluminum window and door project-case

Aluminum window and door order Flow




Q1: Can I customize the glass type for casement windows?
A: Of course. We have ordinary/tempered/double/triple glass to choose from, and you can also customize the color of the glass.

Q2: Do your windows contain frames?
A: Yes, all windows contain frames.

Q3: Does the window have a heat insulation function?
A: Yes, our windows have excellent insulation properties, which can save you energy costs.

Q4: Can you install fences on your aluminum windows?
A: Yes, you can contact us for specific styles.

Q5: What are the advantages of casement windows compared to sliding windows?
A: The casement window has a larger opening angle and better airtightness when the window is closed.

Q6: What kinds of packing do you have?
A: There are three kinds of packing, such as bubble bag, bubble bag + wooden frame, bubble bag + wooden case. If full container, we advise using a bubble bag, it can save more space and hold more goods in the same container. Usually, the packing is bubble bag +wooden frame. The best packing is bubble bag +wooden case, some bulk cargo and some developed countries, such as USA, Australia and some countries in Europe, need wooden case packing because their special requirement and the wooden case can protect the goods very well.

Q7: What materials are used for Wanjia sliding windows?
A: We have aluminum materials and Vinyl materials to meet your requirements.

Q8: Can you give me a preferential price?
We welcome every customer who likes our project to give preferential prices. Please contact us immediately to obtain a quotation for the project selected for your project.


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